Is propylene glycol in e-cigarettes toxic?

Is propylene glycol in e-cigarettes toxic? Many friends are very worried about this problem. After all, it is better to understand what is inhaled into the body, so today VAPING168 will tell you about propylene glycol and its toxicity.

Is propylene glycol in e-cigarettes toxic?

At present, the toxicity of propylene glycol in e-cigarettes is classified as low toxicity, and the toxicity and irritation are very small. Oral LD50 of rats was 32.5mL/kg. However, it is hemolytic and should not be used for intravenous injection. Like ethylene glycol, it has the same risk of causing kidney disorders when added to foods and beverages.

Due to its low toxicity, it is used as a solvent for spices and food colorings in the food industry.

Propylene Glycol Uses in Electronic Cigarettes:

OK: There are antifreezes that can be used for fuel in cars, planes and boats in temperate and frigid regions

Clothing: It can also be used as a raw material for the manufacture of polyester compounds, and the finished product is the polyester fiber on clothing

Live: As a solvent in the paint and plastic industry, propylene glycol can be used in the cosmetic industry to absorb excess water and retain water as a moisturizing and preservative.

Food: Propylene glycol is often used in some medicines or foods, and can be used as a solvent for food pigments and spices, while non-alcoholic propolis drinks in Europe and the United States mostly use propylene glycol as a solvent, and when the content of propylene glycol reaches 7%, it can inhibit the growth of bacteria , so it can also be used as an auxiliary raw material for preservation.

Education: When the color pen is out of water, you can DIY use the ink of the printer and propylene glycol as a supplementary solution

Propylene Glycol Safety in Electronic Cigarettes

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified propylene glycol as a food additive that is “Generally Recognized as Safe.”

Physiological Functions of Propylene Glycol in Electronic Cigarettes

The metabolism of propylene glycol in the human body is similar to that of glycerol and can be decomposed. According to biochemical research, it is pointed out that the residents of the Qingkang-Tibet Plateau at an altitude of 4,000 meters do not suffer from altitude sickness. Propylene glycol aids in the oxygen carrying of heme, which means it is also moderately necessary in the human body.

In conclusion, propylene glycol in e-cigarettes is still a relatively safe item. It is often used in many foods and can be metabolized by the human body, so you can rest assured, but the toxicity of any item depends on the dose. Inside is no problem.