What’s the matter with smoking e-cigarettes sore throat?

Many netizens have asked how smoking e-cigarettes will make your throat sore? This is also a situation that many people will encounter when using electronic cigarettes for the first time. Novices are also more worried about whether it will be bad for the throat, so today VAPING168 will tell you about this problem, hoping to answer your questions.

What’s the matter with smoking e-cigarettes sore throat?

Electronic cigarettes will have a professional term called throat hit. Throat hit refers to the irritation to the throat after the smoke is inhaled into the mouth. Strong throat hit means greater irritation. .

Because e-cigarettes contain nicotine, usually the higher the nicotine concentration, the greater the irritation to the throat, that is, the stronger the throat hit, and vice versa.

Then the PG in the e-juice has a certain irritating effect on the throat, so the e-juice with high PG content will also have a slightly stronger throat hit.

There are also some mint-flavored ones, which can also irritate the throat when inhaled, and also have a throat hit.

Therefore, many newbies will feel a very hot throat when they just smoke e-cigarettes. This is a normal situation. After getting used to it, this situation will not happen. In addition, everyone can choose low-concentration pods at first, and pods with milder flavors. Wait.

You can also buy some throat lozenges to eat. Throat lozenges are functional candies that have the effect of moistening the throat and protecting the throat. Clearing heat and detoxifying, clearing the lungs and relieving cough; refreshing breath, refreshing and relieving stress. In the choice of throat lozenges, it is recommended to choose sugar-free products, and pay attention to the contact time between the drug and the throat, a longer time will maintain good efficacy.

To sum up, it is quite normal that smoking e-cigarettes will irritate the throat. You can choose a milder cartridge to use. In addition, it is recommended that you smoke less frequently, eat a light diet, and drink plenty of water to moisten your throat.