is vape a drug?

The ingredients in vape are public, and there is no drug ingredient, so you can definitely tell everyone that vape is not a drug, but there are also drug-containing vapes, and everyone should pay attention to distinguish.

is vape a drug?

Vape is not a drug, it is completely different from drugs.

Drugs require ingredients such as cannabis and heroin, but vape does not contain these ingredients. Its ingredients are mainly nicotine, medical grade propylene glycol, fruit and vegetable glycerin, etc. It does not contain drug ingredients, so vape is not a drug.

However, there was a kind of upper e-cigarette that was a kind of drug. This type of vape added synthetic cannabinoids to the e-cigarette oil and sold it at a high price. It was also called “the upper e-cigarette.”

Cannabis e-cigarettes are different from ordinary vape. The e-liquid contained in ordinary vape tubes is a nicotine solution. The main ingredients are water, propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine and some flavoring agents. The ingredients of cannabis e-cigarettes also include four Hydrocannabinol or synthetic cannabinoids are new psychoactive substances that are prone to abuse and addiction. Therefore, if you encounter this so-called upper e-cigarette, you must be vigilant and don’t inhale it by mistake.

Is vape a drug? To sum up, vape does not belong to the category of drugs, it is a normal vape product, and the ingredients are within the safe range, so you don’t need to worry too much, but don’t overuse vape, which is also harmful to your body.