Will e-cigarettes produce phlegm?

Will e-cigarettes produce phlegm? Most smokers report that e-cigarettes do not have phlegm, which can improve their breath, but everyone’s situation is different, so there may be some people who have phlegm, so what is the cause? VAPING168 has the answer for you today.

Will e-cigarettes produce phlegm?

Generally speaking, smoking e-cigarettes will not produce phlegm. Of course, if there is a withdrawal reaction, it may cause phlegm, which will disappear completely after a period of time. Because you stopped smoking cigarettes, the villi in your lungs resumed their normal work, starting to flush out the tar that your cigarettes had left in your lungs, so you spit.

Generally, you will be in this situation for about a month or two, and you will keep coughing black phlegm, but you will find that the color of the phlegm gradually becomes lighter. After the cleaning is finished, the coughing will naturally stop, and the sense of taste and smell will be more sensitive. Breathing will also be easier.

It is recommended not to smoke high-sweet flavors. Too much sweetness will cause the throat to have a similar reaction to drinking high-sugar beverages, and the saliva will become sticky. It is recommended to smoke less similar flavors, or flavors with a strong throat hit. The propylene glycol in e-cigarettes can stimulate the skin and even the tracheal mucosa, so the tracheal mucosa secretes a lot of sputum after being stimulated.

Both cigarettes are harmful, but the harm of electronic cigarettes is relatively smaller, and the harm to the body is not as great as that of traditional cigarettes. If you are not an old smoker, it is not recommended for everyone to use electronic cigarettes.

Will e-cigarettes produce phlegm? To sum up, smoking e-cigarettes will cause some phlegm. Generally speaking, if it is not an old smoker who quits smoking, this will not happen. Of course, some e-liquid concentrations are too high, and phlegm will also occur.