Malaysia: Requires manufacturers and importers of e-cigarette products to apply for SIRIM certification

Earlier this year, the Malaysian federal government announced the Electronic Cigarette Product Description (Certification and Labelling) Order 2022, requiring local manufacturers and importers of vaping products to apply for SIRIM certification and labelling.

The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs of Malaysia (“KPDNHEP”) said that the order will take effect on August 3, 2022, and aims to ensure the safety of the use of vaping products. Vape manufacturers and importers can apply for certification and marking from SIRIM QAS International.

The Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs stated: “The SIRIM certification mark should be placed on the vaping device, its spare parts or other device containers so that the user can easily see it. The SIRIM certification mark indicates that the device meets safety standards and can be used normally.” The Federal Register mentioned “Electronic atomizing equipment” and “spare parts”, but no mention of vaping bombs.

The Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affairs said companies that fail to obtain the SIRIM Certificate and Marking Act will be fined up to RM200,000. For repeat offenders, the fine can be as high as RM500,000. If convicted, individuals can also be fined up to RM100,000, jailed for up to three years, or both. Repeat offenders will be fined up to RM250,000, jailed for five years or less, or both.

The Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affairs hopes to ban low-quality vaping products from circulating in the Malaysian market through such measures.

What is SIRIM Certification?

SIRIM (Standard of Industrial and Research Institute in Malaysia) is the only leading certification body appointed by Malaysia. Importers, manufacturers, traders, distributors, etc. can apply to SIRIM, and review and obtain approval according to the standards under the product certification system.

SIRIM is divided into batch certification and product certification:

Type 1b: Batch certification, which can only be applied by the actual importer, one-time certification, no factory audit required.

Type 5: Product certification, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, importers can apply, and factory audits are required. For the first time, only the factory was audited. In the second year, not only the factory was audited, but the warehouse in Malaysia was also audited.

SIRIM Certification FAQ

Is the SIRIM certificate holder a manufacturer or an importer?

The holder of the SIRIM certificate can be a manufacturer or an importer. If the manufacturer does not have a branch in Malaysia, then you need to appoint a local company in Malaysia as your agent. Yannuo can provide agency services in Malaysia.

How long is the SIRIM battery product certificate valid for?

At present, the validity period of the SIRIM battery product certificate is 1 year. The certificate can be renewed after 1 year.

If our product already has a CB report, does it not need to be tested?

If your product has a CB report (IEC62133:2012 edition) valid for 5 years, you only need to provide the qualification certification materials and CB test report issued by the authority.

If it is the CB report of the IEC62133:2017 version, the Malay local test items need to be added.

If our factory already has ISO9001 certificate, do our products still need to apply for SIRIM?

— kind of need. As long as the products produced by your factory are within the mandatory scope of the Malaysian government, you must apply for SIRIM certification.

When will the factory audit start? How long is the validity period after the factory audit?

SIRIM will arrange the factory audit after we have submitted the information and passed the audit. After the factory audit is passed, the validity period is 1 year. The factory needs to be audited again after 1 year. The re-review of the factory is divided into two parts: one part is the factory, and the other part is the Malaysian warehouse.

What is the main audit of the factory audit?

Factory audit mainly includes: QC, production line, engineering department, R&D department, company structure, etc., involving quality manual, change management, trademark authorization documents, drawing consistency and so on.

Are labels required after certification?

As long as it has passed the SIRIM certification, the products produced by your company will be required to affix the SIRIM certification label.

Are SIRIM tags free?

Not free, you need to apply to SIRIM for purchase.