Can e-cigarettes be smoked indoors?

Can e-cigarettes be smoked indoors? If someone smokes in public, there will be adverse consequences such as warnings, fines and even detention, but if they smoke e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes are not cigarettes, right? Can you smoke it indoors? This question is the question of many people who have just smoked electronic cigarettes. Today, VAPING168 will answer it for you.

Can e-cigarettes be smoked indoors?

It is not recommended to smoke in places with no smoking signs. If you smoke electronic cigarettes indoors, it is recommended to use small cigarettes. The amount of smoke is small and volatile. It is recommended not to use electronic cigarettes in crowded public places.

The main thing to consider is the etiquette issue. Whether the smoke and odor generated when using electronic cigarettes indoors will cause trouble to the people around them, most people still care. After all, there is a lot of smoke, which is unacceptable to many people. I also smoked e-cigarettes when I quit smoking, and I have also smoked in places that are expressly prohibited. When I saw the people around me walking away with their noses covered, I reflected on it. This is indeed impolite, because not everyone Knowing that you are vaping, you are essentially causing trouble and creating a psychological burden.

Now basically no smoking areas are allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes. Our country will completely ban smoking in all indoor public places, indoor workplaces, public transportation and other possible outdoor public places, including electronic cigarettes.

To sum up, e-cigarettes are not recommended to be smoked indoors. If they are indoors in public places, they are not allowed to be smoked. Most public places have completely banned smoking. others.