Are e-cigarettes allowed in Japanese hotels?

Are e-cigarettes allowed in Japanese hotels? Most of today’s hotels are non-smoking, and e-cigarettes are no exception. However, hotels generally have smoking areas. If you are addicted to smoking, you can go directly to the smoking area.

Are e-cigarettes allowed in Japanese hotels?

Japanese hotels are not allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes as long as they are non-smoking rooms. In addition to the reasons for the smell, the smoke will trigger the smoke alarm. Although the smoke of electronic cigarettes is actually water vapor, there are also may be triggered.

I can’t help but go to the toilet and smoke it secretly.

In recent years, Japan has continuously promoted smoking ban. The government has perfected a large number of relevant regulations and laws to prohibit smoking in public places to prevent passive smoking. In Japan, e-cigarettes and cigarettes are treated equally. You can only smoke in a smoking hotel or in a designated smoking area.

Taking into account the impact of comprehensive smoking ban on the service industry, the Japanese central government allows the temporary establishment of smoking areas, but the areas where smoking is allowed must be clearly marked to prevent minors and pregnant women from entering. Places where smoking areas are set up in public places generally include entertainment places, hospitals, department stores, hotels, banks, stations and other public areas. There will also be corresponding smoking areas in trams or subways. Smokers can “live a cigarette addiction” in designated smoking places, and some male and female smokers even use the smoking place as a date place.

To sum up, Japanese hotels are not allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes, but they can go to smoking areas to smoke. Half of the hotels will have smoking areas, so there is no need to worry about becoming addicted to smoking.