Can pregnant women smoke RELX vape?

Can pregnant women smoke RELX vape? I have always had the habit of smoking, but now I am pregnant, can I smoke e-cigarettes? There is a brand called RELX vape that seems to be pretty good. I heard that cigarettes are safer. VAPING168 is definitely not recommended.

Pregnant women are generally advised to quit smoking strictly, whether it is cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, RELX electronic cigarettes are no exception, RELX electronic cigarette cartridges contain nicotine, nicotine can enter the body of the fetus through the placenta, which is easy to slow down the development of the fetus, and then It can lead to a series of diseases such as miscarriage, fetal malformation, congenital heart disease, etc. It can also lead to stroke or heart disease in pregnant women, so pregnant women should not smoke e-cigarettes.

The nicotine in RELX electronic cigarettes will act on the central nervous system, make the nervous system feel excited, and will also cause blood vessels to constrict, which is likely to cause the placenta to be undernourished, which will have a great impact on the growth of the fetus. , resulting in a slowdown in fetal development and even a stillbirth.

And nicotine will also increase the secretion of epinephrine, which will release acetylcholine and catecholamines, which will cause the phenomenon of insufficient blood circulation in the fetus, which will affect the intellectual development of the fetus. In daily life, pregnant women should not only not smoke by themselves, but also keep a certain distance from smokers. Never let others smoke beside them, otherwise it will greatly increase the probability of fetal malformation and miscarriage.

Pregnant women can eat folic acid tablets to prevent neural tube defects in the fetus, increase nutrition, drink more chicken soup and pork ribs soup, eat more vegetables and fruits, and drink more warm water.

Can pregnant women smoke RELX vape? To sum up, pregnant women are not recommended to use any electronic cigarettes. If you can’t help but try nicotine-free electronic cigarettes, it is best to stay away from any smoking products.