University of Waterloo in Canada helped to conduct research on e-cigarette worth US$10 million

The University of Waterloo said that the five-year study, funded by the National Cancer Institute, will look at the behavioral and long-term health effects of adolescents and adults with different regulatory approaches to e-cigarettes and other new nicotine products. In seven countries.

“Understanding the use of these products among young people and adults is crucial to understanding which policies are most effective in reducing tobacco use and curbing youth e-cigarette use,” said Professor David Hammond, who leads youth research in the region.

“The timing of this project is ideal because the policies of Canada and other countries are still evolving.”

University of Waterloo pointed out that with electrical emergence of new sub tobacco and other nicotine products, tobacco products market expanded rapidly in the past few years, and joined the old cigarettes and cigars and other products on store shelves , how to regulate the market in different countries use Some governments even enc