Is RELX vape good?

Is RELX vape good? Smoking is harmful to health, but many people still can’t give up. However, more and more people choose to smoke e-cigarettes. However, e-cigarettes are also distinguished by their advantages and disadvantages. Many people don’t really know how to choose. RELX Electronic Cigarette is absolutely NO1 in the entire electronic cigarette market. Currently the largest and most well-known e-cigarette brand in China.

1.RELX vape Packaging

In the product packaging, simple design elements are adopted, which is a white square box with a strong sense of packaging taste. The appearance of the vape is printed on the front, the brand LOGO is printed on the top, and the internal accessories and product information of the vape are printed on the back. Internal distribution.

  1. Appearance

RELX vape has a sense of class in its appearance design, and its small size is only the size of 4 1 yuan coins. The entire vape rod is made of frosted material, which adds a sense of high-end. There is a white light in the middle to display various status information, specifically: when smoking normally, the light is always on and then slowly goes out; when the battery is low, the light will keep flashing when smoking; when charging, the white light is on, the charging is completed, and the light is off . Below is the logo of RELX. At the bottom is a universal USB socket, which is simply built-in 350mAh battery and supports 6W constant power output. Click to see all brands of vapes .

There are also many options for the color matching of RELX vapes: classic black, deep sea blue, starry gray, rose gold, strong red, dazzling purple star sea, golden twilight, golden night shadow.

3.The smell of smoke

The package contains two flavored cartridges: refreshing mint and classic tobacco. In addition to the above two flavors, there are also tropical fruits, Chinese-style flue-cured tobacco, soft-cured tobacco, drunk blueberries, frozen lemon tea, fresh cucumber and other flavors to meet the preferences of different people. In the long-term smoking process, vapes are much better, not only for oneself, but also for others. In terms of ingredients, tobacco tar, the biggest carcinogen, has been eliminated, which is naturally much healthier than traditional cigarettes. Another point is that after smoking vapes, the smell of smoke on the body will be reduced a lot, and the smell of second-hand smoke at home will also be reduced a lot, so the smell of smoke will not be everywhere. Two bare points can see obvious benefits.

In general, this vape is an integrated design, which is convenient for beginners to use and easy to use. There are many flavors, a cigarette can be used for 3-5 days, which is equivalent to about 5 packs, which is very convenient.