Can e-cigarettes help you quit smoking? personal experience sharing

Can e-cigarettes help you quit smoking ? As someone who just came out of the habit of quitting smoking, I know to tell you that e-cigarettes only make you crave more and more cigarettes. Just a substitute for cigarettes that will make you more and more unforgettable.

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Can e-cigarettes help you quit smoking?

1.In college, I learned to smoke every day overwhelmed. I was also a smoker when I graduated from college. If I don’t smoke, I’ll be drowsy because the company doesn’t allow it because of the incident.

When I first started, I thought there was definitely no way to quit smoking right away, so I bought e-cigarettes. I read many types of e-cigarettes and chose the vapor e-cigarette, it is also very convenient. Take it out and smoke it once a day, it will not leave too much odor in the unit, and there are a variety of tastes to choose from: strawberries, cantaloupe, peaches and other fruit tastes.

After smoking for half a month, I felt the more and more disgusting I smoked. As soon as I opened it, the fresh fruity smell became my most disgusting smell. The fruity smell made me feel sick and disgusting. After half a month, due to smoking electronic cigarettes, I still can’t forget the smell of cigarettes. I have repeated attacks and failed to quit smoking.

I started smoking again and started smoking again, my colleagues around me also quit smoking, on my birthday, my partner gave me a RELX electronic cigarette , I still sigh, with the development of technology, electronic cigarettes It can also be so expressive.

As long as a cigarette, but short, like half a thumb, inserted into the filter to smoke, mainly the filter. How should I put it, the taste is not too bad, but the smoke is much smaller, and later I found out that this thing is more expensive than real fucking fireworks. And it can give me a psychological hint: this electronic cigarette is the same as real cigarettes, why can’t I smoke real cigarettes?

The dining table is full of food from the banquet. When talking about various topics, the mouth is full of fog and water, and it is spit out of the mouth. Not much help, but cost more money. Experts believe that e-cigarettes and second-hand smoke are harmful to human health, so real smoke is smoked.

2.Summarizing the two failures, e-cigarette products are not suitable for smoking cessation, at best they are only comfort. What’s more, it doesn’t make you forget cigarettes, and it makes you unconsciously compete with real cigarettes. The novelty of first-timers can indeed beat cigarettes, but overnight, it will also make you pick up a cigarette involuntarily.

The female students in our school started smoking electronic cigarettes and gradually grasped real cigarettes. Do you think electronic cigarettes can be quit? Do you still think that e-cigarettes can make people quit e-cigarettes? Is it okay to watch small movies without sex?

3.Suppose you really want to quit smoking, don’t rely on the same as a substitute, but see whether your quitting smoking can completely suppress your smoking cessation, using electronic cigarettes is a good way to quit smoking. In order to quit smoking, you can’t give up smoking. After the vaping farce ended, I started thinking. E-cigarettes can’t make me quit smoking, at least I try to smoke as little as possible. And I am convinced that a person who has smoked for more than ten years cannot quit. To quit smoking, you can only rely on your own will and perseverance.