Can vaping be tested?

Before the physical examination, you also need to pay attention to things, otherwise it may affect the results of the physical examination, which may require a re-examination. Everyone does not want to have another physical examination. It is a waste of time and money. Therefore, the physical examinations are generally strictly followed. The requirements of the medical examination center come, so can vaping have a medical examination? This is something that many of my friends don’t know about. I’ll give you an answer today if I love to play

Can vaping be tested?

Vaping has no major impact on the results of the physical examination. Blood routine, liver function, renal function, and blood lipids are generally not affected. However, it is not recommended to smoke a lot of e-cigarettes before the physical examination, because if the nicotine concentration is high, it can be checked. Out, blood and urine can be, but generally can only be checked within 48 hours. It is recommended to check after 48 hours.

However, nicotine may affect the ECG, because nicotine can cause small blood vessels to constrict and spasm. It will also affect the autonomic nervous function response, and also affect the heart rate. Therefore, if you smoke before the physical examination, it may cause inaccurate ECG, and it will also cause blood ammonia to rise, which will affect the EEG examination, etc. The requirement is that smoking is prohibited at least half an hour before the physical examination.

Precautions before physical examination:

The night before the blood test for the physical examination, try to keep your usual living habits and eat normally; the meals should be light, do not drink alcohol; do not drink coffee or strong tea after meals. The physical examination is usually carried out in the morning, and some fasting examinations are required, so it is necessary to pay attention to not eating after dinner, including drinking water, the night before the physical examination.

There is no rule that vaping is not allowed, so everyone can take a small amount of vaping, not a large amount, and then everyone should pay attention to the precautions before the physical examination, so as not to affect the physical examination results.

In general, vaping has little effect on the results of the physical examination, but if you want to focus on the heart examination, do not vaping, at least within half an hour of the physical examination, because it may affect the results of the electrocardiogram, and other items generally have no effect. Do not drink and eat in the morning.