Do e-cigarettes affect the efficacy of medicines? Can you vaping while taking medicine?

There are also some things that need to be paid attention to while taking medicine. For example, many medicines should be banned from alcohol, and some foods will also affect the efficacy of the medicine. Therefore, the doctor will also tell you to avoid the mouth while taking medicine, but the impact of e-cigarettes Does it work? This is a relatively new problem, and we mainly look at whether there are ingredients in electronic cigarettes that affect the efficacy of the drug.

Do e-cigarettes affect the efficacy of medicines?

Nicotine will affect the efficacy of the drug. The main component of e-liquid in e-cigarettes is also nicotine. Therefore, smoking e-cigarettes will also affect the efficacy of e-cigarettes. The content of nicotine in different types of e-cigarette e-liquids is also different, and the effects on drug efficacy are also different. .

After nicotine enters the human body, it will affect the metabolic enzyme system in the liver, which will speed up or slow down the process of drug metabolism, resulting in a decrease in the effective concentration of the drug in the blood, which cannot play its due role; nicotine can release antidiuretic hormone, Metabolites cannot be excreted from the human body in time, resulting in poisoning of patients due to drug accumulation; excessive smoking will deplete minerals and various essential nutrients required for the synthesis of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, and indirectly adversely affect the process of drug treatment .

Of course, not all drugs will be affected. Medical studies have shown that drugs whose efficacy is significantly affected by smoking include antipyretic analgesics, anesthetics, antiasthmatic drugs, antianginal drugs, antiplatelet drugs, lipid-lowering drugs, and hypoglycemic drugs. , Diuretics, antacids, gastric mucosal protective drugs, contraceptives, etc. in patients with nephrotic syndrome.

Since you are taking medicine, it means that there is some small problem with your body. It is recommended that your health is more important. Take care of your body first. Stop e-cigarettes first. If it is difficult to quit smoking for a while, at least 30 minutes before and after taking the medicine. Do not smoke inside, so as not to reduce the efficacy or increase adverse reactions. Therefore, smokers should tell the doctor about their smoking history in time for the doctor’s reference when they see a doctor.

To sum up, the nicotine in e-cigarettes will affect the efficacy of the drug, so everyone should try not to vaping when taking medicine. If it is really uncomfortable, you can take one or two mouthfuls to relieve addiction, don’t smoke too much, after all, nicotine Although it affects the efficacy of the drug, it also requires a certain amount, so as long as everyone does not smoke too much e-cigarettes, it will not have much impact.