Are Geek Bars Safe?Geek Bar side effects

Nerd Bars have already been making statements for the wrong reasons recently. You will find reports of “Super- strength” Geek Bars finding their way in to the proper care of teenagers. Alongside the stories growing on social networking like wildfire, Geek Bar ‘s reputation has considered popular.

It is a real concern for vapers, specifically those searching for disposable vape bars, especially Geek Bars, which pay attention to disposable vapes. Problem for most vapers is actually Geek Discos secure.


What are Geek Bars?

Geek Bar is the brand for all sorts of extra vaping products. Their parent company is Geekvape, a great and long- standing brand within the vaping market who previously centered mostly on the design system.Drawing.Bitmap great for- end, progressed vape kits.

Geekvape created Nerd Bar because their flagship extra vape pen so that you can attract a fresh, growing market sector. Disposable vape devices generally are created to be both far more convenient and convenient than standard vape kits. The essential functionality of disposable vapes is essentially similar to regarding standard vape kits, which we talk about further down. Since we’ve mentioned that the unit were intended to focus on a fresh market, you could well be requesting: who’re disposable vapes for?

As system vape products, disposable vapes are directed at those who already use smoking. They could be not just a toy, or an interest, or at all a novelty item.

Only at myCigara, we sell vape products for some reason : to greatly help smokers stop smoking permanently. Vape tools are simply a computer device for smoking cessation. They’re produced, marketed, and sold as a result— and disposable vapes are the same.

For folks, our marketing of disposable vapes provides two main groups. Firstly, we sometimes suggest them for cigarette smokers as a possible accessible access point for after switching to vaping. Secondly, we provide them with to regular/ pre- existing vape users being a convenient support device.

So, Geek Bars are not just about than a simple, entry- level vaping product, aimed specifically at smokers transitioning into vaping, or like a backup device for regular vape users on the run .

Are Geek Bars Safe?

Yes, Geek Bars secure provided they are widely- found in lower amounts. If used correctly, the Nerd Bar is a effective and safe method of obtaining your nicotine fix instead of smoking more dangerous cigarettes.

Geek Discos secure. However, they consider be hazardous you should definitely utilized in smaller amounts. People who persistently vape Geek Discos or vapes may experience a dry mouth, throat infection and headaches due to nicotine.

The inside workings of disposable vape devices, as an example the Geek Bar, are very easy. They include a lithium- ion battery, a 2ml e- liquid capacity that stores the vape beverage, a coil to heat the juice, along with a mouthpiece. This all hardware is encased in an inferior plastic cover.

The vape beverage is just a nic- sodium e- liquid and two food- grade carrier liquid products called vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. These chemicals be capable of been passed by MHRA.

Geek Bars are made by Geekvape, a dependable and credible name within the vape industry. Like every single other real vape product in britain , they truly are TPD- certified and MHRA- approved. Furthermore, Geek Bars and therefore are , charged, and able to use when purchase, minimising the likelihood of operational error.

However, this is of the phrase “safe” is subjective, so we want to remind everyone that Geek Bars contain nicotine, which is really a highly addictive compound and has been done instead of cigarette smoking. They could be intended to be utilised by grownups over 18 and therefore are firmly not that must be taken or purcahased by minors.

Geek Bar side effects

Another concern among those who find themselves yet to carry a seat within the Nerd Bar hype train is the actual negative effects related to disposable vapes.

As with the majority of things we put into the body, it ‘s possible to have some unwanted effects from vaping Nerd Bars, although these could be only minor. Most of these include a cough, dry jaws and in certain rarer instances folks have reported experiencing difficulty breathing and headaches. In acute cases, there has been reviews some allow us nosebleeds, but this is specially uncommon.

Maintain at heart we are able to experience side- effects from numerous things including food, medicines and beauty items. It is also worth noting that numerous vapers won’t experience some of these Geek Bar side- effects, in case within the off chance you need to do then you need to discontinue use and come from vaping for a time .


Vaping is relatively new and fast- growing. There is a lot about this that people don’t know . Understandably, the bigger public may have reservations about vaping and certain vaping devices. Nevertheless, with the expansion of a, you are able to expect you to definitely try to make quick money by causing substandard products. It turned out the circumstance for Geek Bar, which includes caused concerns about the safety of these devices.

If you opt for the proper Geek Bar vape that qualifies use with the UK, you ought not have anything to consider . The internet with counterfeit devices that not meet the necessary standard and purchasing devices not created for use in the UK.