Does relx vape produce secondhand smoke?

relxer asked whether relx vape will produce second-hand smoke, but the electronic cigarette information network wants to ask everyone a question, that is, do you know what second-hand smoke is? You can only answer your question if you understand this issue first. Let’s discuss the issue of second-hand smoke first.

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What is second-hand smoke?

Second-hand smoke refers to passive smoking, which is an alias for second-hand smoke, that is, the personal behavior of not absorbing the thick smoke ejected by other smokers, also known as “forced smoking” or “indirect smoking”. . From the definition of second-hand smoke, the thick smoke of e-vapor cigarettes is also in line with second-hand smoke, because a lot of thick smoke is also inhaled by others.

What are the dangers of secondhand smoke?

Scientific research has confirmed that the release rate of many chemicals in second-hand smoke is higher than that in first-hand smoke during the ignition process of tobacco companies. For example, secondhand smoke has five times more carbon monoxide than firsthand smoke, three times more nicotine and nicotine, 46 times more ammonia, and 50 times more nitrous acid, an obvious carcinogen.

Does relx vape produce secondhand smoke?

The basic principle of relx vape is the same as that of other electronic vapor cigarettes (small cigarette equipment), so electronic vapor cigarettes will cause second-hand smoke, so will relx.

relx vape will cause second-hand smoke, and then this smoke will be inhaled by surrounding people, so it can be said that relx will cause second-hand smoke, but relx vape is inconsistent with tobacco ingredients and cannot be ignited.

Therefore, the components formed in the thick smoke are different from those of tobacco, and the key is propylene glycol, glycerol, flavors and fragrances, atmospheric aerosols, hydrocarbon-substituted chemicals and their smoke tar.

However, the study found that the tar content in the thick smoke of e-vapor cigarettes is very small, as long as the temperature control of the machine and equipment does not exceed the standard to search for the upper and lower generation hydrocarbons, so the harm is much smaller than that of tobacco.

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In general, relx vape will cause second-hand smoke to be inhaled by others, but it is much less harmful than the second-hand smoke formed by tobacco lighting. Naturally, even if it looks like this, it is not recommended that you spit out electronic vapor in front of others. Smoke will still be inhaled into the lungs by those around you.