Can relx vape be vaped in front of children?

Having a healthy environment is very important as a child grows up, but it doesn’t seem easy. For example, second-hand smoke, which is very toxic to children, is not uncommon. Now a friend asks if relx vape can be smoked in front of children. This question can only tell you that it is not good.

Can relx vape be vaped in front of children?

Whether it is relx vape or other electronic vaping cigarettes, all can not be smoked in front of children. The smoke caused by relx vape contains smoke tar, atmospheric aerosol particulate chemicals and their substitute hydrocarbon chemicals, although the components are small, but It is definitely not good for children, if you really want to smoke, or it is better to smoke in an area outside the house where there are no children.

Long-term inhalation of cigarette tar will harden the cerebral blood vessels, which will cause harm to the child’s imagination, slow brain development, and harm the memory ability, which is particularly harmful to the baby’s future development.

Children do not understand the dangers of second-hand smoke like adults. They don’t know what measures to take to protect themselves, and they won’t tell their loved ones about their thoughts. Babies have a higher heart rate than adults, so only general attack. Inhaling a lot of smoke, so for the physical and mental health of the baby, please do not smoke in front of the baby, try not to smoke in public places, so as to create a healthy physical and mental environment.

Here, I love to play games. Vapor decisively stops smoking in front of children. Whether it is electronic vaping or any kind of cigarette, it is not good. Such people are not stupid or bad. When I encounter this kind of situation, let me help the children in China. I feel sad. I always thought that not smoking in front of minors is the main social moral rule and civility. I never imagined that parents who smoke in front of their babies will still be seen on the street. As parents, ensuring the health of children is a score line.

To sum up, relx vape cannot be smoked in front of children, no matter what kind of cigarettes, smoking parents have actually established a negative model, making children feel that smoking is normal. Children who grow up with many smokers are more receptive to smoking. For the health of the child, parents must learn to refuse, there is nothing like the precious health of the child.