Elf Bar BC5000 Disposable Vape Review:Is one of the most impressive devices

Elf Bar is becoming one of many vaping industry ‘s leading choices in terms of disposable vapes, as these have created as much as 20- five different devices. Whilst each of them come in several size and shapes , and differ in battery capacity, vape drink capacity, and puff count, the Elf Bar BC5000 Disposable Vape has gained probably the most recognition. The Elf Bar Vape is probably one of the most impressive devices we have observed yet, and we will let you know about it with this review.

Elf Bar BC5000

What Is The Elf Bar BC5000?

The Elf Bar BC5000 is reasonably limited discard vape that can be extremely small. Despite its small size and its particular ultra- portability, it features a slew of features that have gained it so success considering that the launch onto industry. Although it won’t have quite the type that others have, it still manages to feature a big integrated 650mAh rechargeable battery power, which might be charged rapidly to resume use. With extremely little room, additionally, it houses a huge 13mL vape juice capacity, giving you several vape sessions.

Even though the device is incredible to make use of, as the structure is sturdy, supplies a long battery- life, and it has a hefty capacity to be sure you receive many vape classes, inside your flavor options which make the Elf Bar so satisfying. Around this time, you can find up to nineteen different flavor choices to make , and they all are made to provide a complex flavor. You are able to experience from a Rainbow Candy to Peach Mango Watermelon, forcing you to have an number of tastes to match whatever preference you may have . To make fully sure your satisfaction every time you have a puff, the Elf Bar BC5000 Disposable Vape can be an infusion with 50 mg of salt pure nicotine.

Elf Bar BC5000

Elf Bar Flavors


Leaving the partnership with an extended- long- term and enjoyable taste that is certain to soothe your thing buds and a person satisfied from puff to another location , Strawberry Kiwi is simply the flavour you need. It offers mouthwatering mixture of juicy red strawberries and tangy kiwis. It ‘s a fantastic- day vape that we cannot wait that you need to explore.


Blasting your airways with a lot of flavorful tastes and also a trying to cool off sensation that will really hang in there on your teeth , urging you to get more, Watermelon Ice is this is the taste good you will end up most in awe of. The tasty combination of flavors combines a mouthwatering watermelon flavor and an ice- cold menthol flavor, making to get a rejuvenating vape.

Peach Mango Watermelon

Bombarding your airways with an enjoyable mixture of flavors, you’re not heading to genuinely wish to neglect out about this flavor mixture. Peach Mango Watermelon can be an intriguing discovery of flavors which were mixed together in a single- of- a- kind trio. It jumbles together juicy peaches, sweet sunny mangoes, and mouthwatering watermelons, starting your tasty.


Proclaiming to offer you an impressive style and reward which will drop among everything- time favorites, Mango Peach may be the blend you won’t ever forget. It offers a tropical manga flavor and a mixture of juicy peach flavor, providing you with a lot of satisfying flavor. These brilliantly crafted blend will definitely become your most favored vapes yet.

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

Bombarding your airways with lots of subtle notes of flavor, Kiwi Passionfruit Guava is basically the blend everyone anticipates. It is an incredible balance of tastes that consists of of varied flavors, including tangy kiwis, sweet passion fruits, and exotic guavas, earning a masterful taste that won’t ever expand old.


Sharing the absolute most flavorful vape, listed here is one you’ll definitely want to take into account. Lemon Mint is really a vape juice blend that individuals absolutely love, plus it ‘s bless you to the astonishing combination of zesty lemons and refreshing mint, proclaiming to offer you a taste experience that will do down among the favorites.

Glowing blueRazz Ice

Earning you another all- day vape experience, this combination of flavors will undoubtedly be all that you simply ever require. Blue Razz Ice is one of our own favorites, and we’re sure it’ll be one of yours too. It’s really a mix that offers a black razz candy flavor along with a bone- chilling menthol flavoring, which will certainly hit the best spot.


Getting out of the relationship pleased from an individual puff to another , Energy acts as your chosen vape. It ‘s a great time of one’s flavor and creates the most notable taste, forcing you to have an all- day vaping experience that you should explore any chance you receive.


Lathering the mouth area and gums with a great deal of extraordinary tastes to experience , Strawberry Mango will easily become among the only flavours you truly appreciate. It is an impressive duo of flavours that pairs together juicy red strawberries along with a tropical manga flavor, providing you with a restful vape juice blend that you will need to experience repeatedly .

Cranberry extractGrape

Just once you thought there clearly was not any other thing more pleasing to learn when it comes to flavors, you will find this highly intoxicating combination of tastes. Cranberry extract Grape is an excellent combination that might be incredibly attractive, because it possesses a variety of cranberry extract and grape flavors.


If you are interested in a flavor that may accomplish you and keep personal preferences buds entertained, Red Mojito is really a flavor concoction you ought to enjoy . This is a recreated mixture that gives you the flavour of any red mojito. It iis a remarkable blend you will absolutely love.

Sakura Grape

Providing you with light and crisp taste that’s airy, Sakura Grape is convinced to really make it into the pair of favorites. It provides lots of flavor which we keep in mind this really is one you’re maneuvering to love. This fabulous mixture is just a flavor that we cannot wait that you ought to try on your own.


Everybody loves the cool and refreshing taste of menthol, certainly nothing much better than this mixture of Sweet Menthol. It provides cool, icy, sweet dash of menthol which will cool through your preferences and allow you to blowing clouds of ice sicles.

Offers aCandy

Loading your mouth using a fascinating thrilling flavor that won’t get old, you will go crazy about this flavor. Range Candy is a wonderful vape with a tasty mixture of candy flavors. Costly all- day vape that may drop as your in history favorites.

ExoticRange Blast

In the same manner you begin shedding your love for vaping, you have this tasty Tropical Range Blast. It’s a flavoring that provides every one of the right notes, ideal for summertime vaping. This blend incorporates a very tasty great time of mixed fruits we keep in mind you will relish.


Rushing over your tastebuds and getting out of the relationship thoroughly pleased from just one puff to another , there is nothing that can compare with Bad Apple. It is an incredible blend of flavors that recreates the sour taste of a natural apple, which we believe you’ll find incredibly satisfying.


If it is possible to remember the fascinating taste of juicy Watermelon Bubblegum, you’ll understand specifically what this flavor is similar to. It recreates that classic flavor, boasting a mouthwatering watermelon flavor and basically the right ratio of bubblegum flavour, completely executing your selected munch in vape form.

Three-waySuper berry Ice

Enjoy a fantastic combination of berry flavors all chucked together to produce a blend which will drop among your most favorite. You’ll appreciate every moment with this particular combination of berries that is completed off having an ice- cold rush of menthol you will definately relish.

BlueberryCoconut Ice

Refreshing orally with another blissful flavour experience, Pineapple Coconut Ice is simply the flavour you will need to keep because of your aspect constantly . It offers a wonderful trio of flavors, including pineapples, coconuts, and menthol.


If you would like to buy Elf Bar vape online, West Shoreline Vape Supply is a strong choice you should think about . The Elf Bar Vape 5000 is sold with whatever you could want, including convenience, reliability, flavor options, and satisfaction. We believe highly with this vape and would recommend it to anyone buying a new disposable vape to test.